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Property Crimes

Crimes against property continue to be a major problem for law enforcement authorities in Massachusetts. Property crime arrests in Massachusetts still account for a significant amount of the total cases in our courts. The police, prosecutors and judges are taking a tougher stance against property crimes which are viewed as having a large negative impact on communities in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. If you have been charged with a property crime in Massachusetts you should know that a conviction on certain property offenses can result in significant jail time including the suspension of your driver’s license, heavy fines, probation and restitution. Hiring a Massachusetts lawyer with significant property crimes experience and a winning track record is crucial when it comes to defending against any property crimes charge and avoiding a conviction.

Attorney Patrick J. Murphy is a Boston, Massachusetts property crimes lawyer with nearly twenty years of experience in successfully defending clients charged with crimes against property. Whether you have been charged in the Boston Municipal Court any other Massachusetts District Court or Massachusetts Superior Courts, the Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy has knowledge and expertise and is fully prepared to handle your property crimes case. Property crimes in Massachusetts include the following offenses:

As a leading Boston, Masscahusetts property crimes lawyer, Attorney Patrick Murphy can provide you with the guidance and advice needed to aggressively fight any misdemeanor or felony property crimes charge in Massachusetts. Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy today at 617-367-0450 or contact us online for a free and confidential evaluation of your property crimes case.

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