Immediate Threat Medical

The Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts, sometime referred to as the RMV or the DMV can take steps to revoke or suspend your driver’s license due to an immediate medical threat that may be alleged against you.

If you have a medical condition which seriously impacts your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, your operation of a motor vehicle could be determined to pose an immediate threat to public safety. This will usually be assessed by a police officer who may have pulled you over or noticed you pulled to the side of the road, similar to complaint medical. Thus, this determination is subjective and made solely on the police officer’s discretion and opinion, which means that the decision is initially being made by a person with no medical training. Regardless, when an officer has labeled you as an immediate threat medical, your driver’s license, learner’s permit, or right to operate a motor vehicle will be immediately revoked or suspended by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (RMV), and it will remain that way indefinitely. To combat this suspension or revocation, you will be able to request a hearing with the RMV to reinstate you driver’s license, learner’s permit or right to operate a motor vehicle. You will also need a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who has many years of experience with RMV hearings to defend against the allegation and put your best case forward. The Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy has the experience you need to help guide you through the RMV hearing process.

More often than not, when a police officer makes an allegation that you are an immediate threat to public safety based on a medical reason or condition, they have no concrete or persuasive evidence to support it. An officer can only base his allegation on what is presented in front of him when you are pulled over or approached, and this means that their determination cannot be based on any accurate record of your medical history. It may be important that you meet with a trained medical professional to provide you with a health evaluation to provide during your hearing with the RMV. This will supply you with an accurate account of your current state of health and whether or not the police officer’s label of you as an immediate threat medical will remain valid. A doctor might determine that your medical condition is completely manageable and will possibly prescribe you a medication or provide you with some remedy to keep your condition well within your control so that your ability to drive and maintain your freedom to get around can be restored.

In order to prove that your condition is under your control and that you are therefore not a threat to public safety, you will need a Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer with immediate medical threat experience to help terminate the suspension or revocation of your license, learner’s permit or right to operate a motor vehicle. The Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy has successfully aided clients who have faced RMV hearings coinciding with revoked licenses, learner’s permit or right to operate a motor vehicle for decades. Attorney Murphy always puts works aggressive on behalf of his clients to meet their goals and applies his expertise to ensure his clients’ result in the most favorable outcome. To contact the Law Office of Attorney Patrick J. Murphy today for a confidential and free assessment of your case, call 617-367-0450 or by fill out the contact form on our website.

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