Boston Municipal Court, Central Division


The Boston Municipal Court, Central Division is located inside the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse which is located at 24 New Chardon Street, Boston, Massachusetts.  The BMC is close to the Boston Public Market, Haymarket and historic Faneuil Hall, which sits in the heart of downtown Boston.  The nearest MBTA train stops are Bowdoin located on the Blue Line and Haymarket located on the Orange Line.    The Criminal Clerk's Office of the BMC is located on the 6th Floor and it lists all court business just outside of the office.  The Arraignment session is located in Courtroom 17 on the 5th Floor.  The Pretrial Hearing session is located on the Fifth Floor in Courtroom 11.  The Trial session is located on the Fifth Floor in Courtroom 10.  All trial matters and evidentiary motions such as motions to suppress are generally sent out from the trial sessions and heard in courtrooms located on the Sixth Floor.  The main number to the courthouse is (617) 788-8600.

The Clerk Magistrate for the Central Division of the BMC is Daniel J. Hogan. The First Assistant Clerk Magistrate is Mark J. Concannon.  The Assistant Clerk in Charge of Juries is John E. Ryan.  There are currently 18 Assistant Clerk Magistrates for this court, which is one of the busiest in the Commonwealth.  Criminal matters are scheduled and heard daily Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The current judges of the Boston Municipal Court include but are not limited to Judge Thomas C. Horgan, Judge Michael J. Coyne, Judge Sally A. Kelly, Judge Robert J. McKenna, Jr., Judge Eleanor C. Sinnott, Judge Mark Hart Summerville, Judge Catherine K. Byrne, and Justice David J. Breen.  The Chief Probation Officer for the court is John M. Turner and the First Assistant Chief Probation Officer is Marie Griffin.  There are currently 15 Probation Officers assigned to handle defendants placed on probation.  All probation surrender matters are hearing in Courtroom 18 on the Fifth Floor.  The Probation Office where probationers report when required to is located on the Second Floor on the courthouse.  The main number to the Probation Department is (617) 788-8426.

The Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy is located at One South Market Street, Boston, Massachusetts which is very close to the Boston Municipal Court on New Chardon Street.  Although the rules that govern Massachusetts courts and statutes and laws of the Commonwealth are standard a lawyer's knowledge of a particular court and the respect counsel garners from its personnel can play a very important role in the outcome of a case and is gained with years of experience.  Attorney Patrick J. Murphy has 22 years of BMC courtroom knowledge as a criminal defense attorney and he possesses an intimate understanding of the Central Division of the Boston Municipal Court which is a unique court different in some ways from other district courts in the state.Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy today to discuss your BMC case and benefit from his years of experience.

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