Assault with a Dangerous Weapon

Assault with a Dangerous Weapon

The crime of assault in Massachusetts is taken one step further when an individual adds a dangerous weapon into the mix.  The crime of assault with a dangerous weapon in Massachusetts is found in the statute listed as G.L. c. 265, s. 15B (b) and it adds one additional element to those required for the crime of simple assault.  Here, if an accused uses a dangerous weapon in connection with the assault, the perpetrator can be punished up to five years in state prison if the matter is indicted, or up to imprisonment of up to two and one-half years in a house of correction.  Also, a fine of not more than one thousand dollars may be imposed along with other terms and conditions of probation.  If the district attorney is not able to prove that a dangerous weapon was involved in the crime, then a person may still be convicted of simple assault as this is considered a lesser included offense of the crime of assault with a dangerous weapon.

In order to convict, the prosecutor must prove the following elements:

1.    the accused intended to put the alleged victim in fear of an
imminent battery;

2.    the accused engaged in some conduct toward the alleged victim
which the alleged victim reasonably perceived as imminently threatening a

3.    the accused used a dangerous weapon.

Assault with a Dangerous Weapon on a Victim 60 years or Older in Massachusetts

Massachusetts law considers the crime of assault by means of a dangerous weapon an aggravated case when the victim is sixty years or older.   Under G.L. c. 265 s. 15B(a), the Commonwealth must complain and show that the person was at least 60 years of age or older.  Actual knowledge or “the should have known” standard is applied here, although the victim’s appearance is only one factor and not the defining one unless the person appeared of “extreme” age.  The punishment maximum ranges from two and one-half years in jail to five years in prison depending on the court that your find yourself in (District, Municipal or Superior court).  If a defendant is convicted of a second or subsequent offense in this category, they can receive a mandatory minimum sentence of two years.  In Massachusetts, both crimes are considered felony offenses.

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