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Assault Crimes / Violence

Criminal prosecution of assault crimes and other acts of violence is pursued as an extremely important function of the both our state and federal governments. A criminal prosecution is a proceeding in court on behalf of the public for the purpose of securing a conviction and punishment of one accused of crime. Crimes of violence are taken very seriously at both the state and federal levels and convicted offenders can expect to receive harsh punishment from the courts. When an individual has been accused of perpetrating a crime of violence, the forces and resources of the government are immediately set in motion to help ensure a successful prosecution in court When law enforcement, prosecutors and courts become involved in your life it is of utmost importance to protect your constitutional rights and freedom immediately by hiring an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney with a law practice completely devoted to providing a relentless defense for the accused.


Violent crimes in Massachusetts involve the unjust or unwarranted exercise of force against another person or threats of bodily harm. Crimes of violence are often accompanied by the intent to injure, damage or abuse another person. Boston criminal defense lawyer Patrick J. Murphy has the experience and the expertise to defend people accused of violent crime throughout Massachusetts. Attorney Murphy is a Boston violent crimes lawyer who will vigorously defend clients charged with the following violent offenses:


When you are arrested or summonsed to court you need to make sound decisions to protect your rights and freedom. The most critical decision upfront is choosing the right lawyer to represent you in court. Your criminal defense lawyer should have exceptional communication and cross-examination skills, patience, aggression and toughness. Attorney Murphy possesses all of these successful traits of a winning criminal defense attorney.

If the police want to question you, do not waive your Miranda rights. Assert your right to speak with a criminal defense lawyer right away.  Experience shows that nothing good can ever come from discussing your case with the police. The detectives are not your friends and will only use your words to build a case for the prosecution.  If the police want your consent to search your home or personal property politely decline. Only by maintaining your silence and asserting your 4th Amendment right against unreasonable searches or seizures of your property can you prevent the police from using your words or the evidence those words can lead to as proof of guilt. At the police station you can arrange to pay bail, if necessary, to secure your release.

Boston, Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Patrick J. Murphy has a successful record of defending clients with his exceptional criminal defense skills. If you have been charged with a violent crime, contact the Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy to protect your constitutional rights and freedom by calling 617-367-0450 or completing the online web contacts form.

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