Abuse-Related Offenses

As abuse-related crimes in Massachusetts have increased dramatically, the issue of domestic violence has become the focus of genuine and increasing public concern. For example, most courts in the Commonwealth are issuing Abuse Prevention Orders, also known as “Restraining Orders”, and Harassment Prevention Orders in significant numbers every day. Restraining Orders are issued by the courts to protect family and household members once they have established that physical harm, attempted physical harm or threats of violence by a spouse or member of the same household has occurred. However, many of these orders can be violated unwittingly or unknowingly by the other party subject to the order. A violation is charged as a criminal offense. There are significant criminal penalties involving the potential for a lengthy jail sentence for violation of a civil Abuse Prevention Order. To learn more about Abuse and Harassment Prevention Orders and the crimes associated, please click here.

Victim rights advocates are assigned to each court to assist the prosecution in gathering abuse-related information from the victim in each case. Alleged victims are aggressively encouraged by these advocates working with the prosecution to attend court hearings at every stage of the case to ensure a conviction. Alleged victims are fully educated of their rights to speak to a judge and give a “victim impact statement” to the court before sentencing to maximize the impact of the sentence against the defendant.

Boston, Massachusetts Harassment Crime Lawyer

It is absolutely critical to engage the services of an experienced Boston, Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer to provide you with an effective and persuasive defense to any abuse-related crime. Attorney Patrick J. Murphy has successfully defended numerous cases where clients have been charged with the following abuse-related crimes in Massachusetts:

Attorney Murphy aggressively defends his clients on each case and has successfully cross-examined many alleged victims and vindicated people falsely accused of abuse-related crimes in Massachusetts. Protect your integrity and freedom. Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. Murphy for a free legal consultation today by calling 617-367-0450 or completing the contacts form on the website.

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